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    Intel Edison for SLAM


      Hi, my name is Kevin. I've been working on an autonomous quadcopter for the past 10 months, and now I have decided to implement SLAM into it.


      Until recently, I have been using a Teensy 3.1 for all processing. I realize that I do not have enough power for data collection and processing all while fly a quadcopter.


      I bought a RPLiDAR, which spits out data at 2000 samples per second.


      My question is whether the Intel Edison would be an ideal processing platform for my project.


      Could I use the 100mhz microcontroller for data collection and the dual core processor for processing?


      Could I use the built in WiFi for communication with my laptop?


      Can I do multiple tasks simultaneously? ie data collection and processing.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Trexter


          Your project sounds great. About your questions:

          Depends in your code, you can create your multitasking script, or run two scripts at the same time, one in background and with the other one you could see what it's going on. I have seen projects with python, C, JavaScript...

          And, using the built-in WiFi you can use a ssh communication between your laptop and board.


          Take a look at the Edison's documents for more information related:

          Software & Documentation

          Also, take a look at this, I think it's not released yet but I think it could be interesting for you.