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    system screwed after power outage,intel rst


      Hey guys,

      If I'm post at the wrong thread,please move,I'm new here..


      Last Friday while im work on my pc, the power goes out:-( and my system immediately shut down of course, when I'm try to turn it back on, it's won't boot sadly,( windows screwed..) probably my hdd is also going to die...

      Anyway,recently I'm bought an ssd for pc boosting with the intel RAPID Storage technology.... If im not mixing between intel srt.. Im do every 2 weeks or so a system restore point, but the problem,is that windows not find them..probably because the adding of the ssd on existing windows without format. It's now going to windows startup repair even at safe mode.. I and when im press show more somewhere there it's write Bad registry...(translation from hebrew...)

      So please help me!!!  If im forgot something please say...


      Btw, hirens bcd,may help?? And if so, what to choose


      I5 2500

      Asus z68 mb


      Nvidia 9600,210

      500 hd

      120 ssd as caching with intel rst...

      Any suggestions are really great!!