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    Intel HD 4000 color problem


      I have core i7 3770 desktop pc with nvidia geforce 9400 and acer 20 inch monitor.I am facing color problem when i switch to intel HD 4000.The screen becomes  bluish when i connect the monitor to DH67CL motherboard DVI i through DVI-to-VGA adapter.I have installed latest drivers of Intel hd 4000.I would like to know how i can get true color on Intel HD 4000@@

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          Hello Omer420,


          My first advice is to try the system with a direct connection from the motherboard to the TV. Avoid using adapters since this could be the cause of the issue.


          I would also like you to try using different cables and make sure it is not loose on the out port connection.


          What happens if you disconnect the Nvidia card from your system?


          Kevin m