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    Intel hd graphics causes laptop display to black out




      I just fixed a rather cheap Medion laptop that had a corrupted hard drive and I loaded windows 8.1 onto it and installing the intel hd 3000 graphics driver is an absolute nightmare!


      the cpu in this computer is a intel core i3 2350m which supposedly has intel hd graphics 3000 built in

      the gpu in this computer is a geforce 630m (the drivers work fine for this one but it won't work if the intel hd graphics are not installed :/)


      And now for the problem;


      EVERY time I install the intel hd graphics driver on the laptop the internal laptop screen turns off instantly and only outputs to vga/hdmi you name it! In safe mode however, the display works fine (installing the driver in safe mode makes the screen black out as well) The display works just fine when booting but after the boot logo, the screen is blank (backlight on) and if I plug in a external monitor I can see the desktop on the external monitor. Also if I disable the hd graphics in device manager the display works on the next reboot but the resolution is crappy. I've tried the official medion drivers but that says that the machine doesn't meet the minimum requirements.


      can anyone help me?





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          Hello NNVT, thanks for joining the Intel Graphics community.


          I would like to inform you that we always recommend customer to install the drivers provided by the system manufacture since they customized the drivers. The installation of Intel Generic drivers may cause losing any customizations made by Medion. 

          Could you please attach the DX Diag report from your system?    (Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Save All Information).


          And the system Information report: Click Start> Type System Information> Click File> Export> Save File> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.


          When did you start getting this behavior?