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    Monitoring Mini Breakout LiPo battery


      Hi community, i'm starting a prototype using Edison mini breakout.

      I plugged my battery on J2 and it runs fine ,

      but now i'm wondering how to know the charge level is low.

      Is there some where to read the voltage in linux system ? like acpi

      Or should i read using an analog input ?



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          hiya! I have 2 mini versions, and I have never found a way of checking on the battery.

          from what I have read, "the mini breakout board has no ADC, thus it is impossible to monitor the battery’s voltage level and battery."


          however, LED DS3... "When breakout board is connected to the power source with USB or J21, DS3 lights up which means external power source is connected and can charge lithium battery. When the lithium battery is fully charged, DS3 will be turned off."


          (I also get blinking DS3, very-rarely-occasionally. some weird state where the LiPo is neither charged nor charging. I don't comprehend.)


          so it seems like there may still be some understanding at software level?


          plus, there is recognition if J1 is simply shorted or has a therm on it. but this also seems to only be known to the charge-circuit hardware, software only knows open/closed?

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            Hi ylg,


            I will suggest you to check this thread: Re: Battery level.


            According to it, the only way to monitor the battery level is through an external ADC.




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              I have 2 Edison, one with mini breakout board and the other with Arduino one. I'd like to check battery level.


              With Arduino breakout board, I see we can configure a GPIO as an ADC input (http://download.intel.com/support/edison/sb/edisonarduino_hg_331191007.pdf) so this should do the work for this board I think.


              For mini breakout board, this software configuration is not possible so ? (I'm asking this because it's not clearly said anywhere) This is too bad... Thought I read that even if the 2 boards are different, the hardware was not so different (a little bit anyway) but it seems it's different for this ADC issue. So there's no solution to have analog input except ADC (even if it is possible with Arduino board), if I get it right ?


              I'm wondering if there may be someone to give some advice for choosing a good ADC.

              For example searching ADCs on Mouser will ask for several specifications : Analog to Digital Converters - ADC | Mouser.

              As anyone deal with this ? Any advice about choosing an ADC ?





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                Hi thom@s,


                If you want to have analogue inputs in your board you should add an external ADC. The Edison module doesn't have analogue inputs by itself. The Arduino Expansion Board has an ADC on board and it sends the data to the Edison module by SPI communication.


                The Mini-Breakout Board doesn't have an ADC so you can't use analogue inputs, however you could use an external ADC just in the Arduino Expansion Board.


                The ADC used in the Arduino Expansion Board is the following: ADS7951 . You might want to use this one since it is the same used in the Arduino Expansion Board. If you prefer to use another one, you can choose it based on the specs of this: ADS7951




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                  Hi Diego,


                  thank you for your answer.

                  I'll check the ADS7951 and give it a try !