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    NUC not booting into bios and not playing videos


      Hello everyone!


      Recently I purchased the:

      DN2820FYKH + 4gb ram + 120gb ssd
      I installed windows 8.1 but it showed a secure boot error so i disabled that in the bios
      Now i cant enter the bios anymore, when it boots it doesnt show f2 and f7 and so on.
      What I've tried:
      Update bios to latest version (reinstalled it also later)
      Bios jumper to 2/3 instead of 1/2
      Turn nuc on, release power cable and turn it back on
      (I have a cabled keyboard btw)

      Also I have windows 8.1 installed now and i cant play videos smooth
      Like if i play a downloaded movie or on youtube (720p/1080p) it lags a bit.
      I had a raspberry pi before and it played 1080p all day smooth so thats quite weird
      Also i got all drivers installed so that cant be it.


      If any of you all can help me with these problems would be great!
      Thanks in advance