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    A Request for intel github repos or upstreaming with yoctor for the Edison BSPs


      Currently finding the right community or upstream source has been more difficult than necessary.

      Only 91 people interact with this forum, and so far it doesn't seem to be the right place for these type of questions.


      But I figured I'd try one last time...


      I've opened various discussions on the Edison forum:


      Building edison-image BSP with Linux 3.19.x



      Integrating linux-yocto-3.10 usb/gadget_hid.txt into platform/intel-mid?



      I imported the edison-src*tgz into https://github.com/instantinfrastructure/edison-src and created a few tickets to track my progress

      Edison - Software Downloads includes http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24389/eng/edison-src-rel1-maint-rel1-ww42-14.tgz

      I found intel-iot-devkit/mraa on GitHub (Intel should do this more of the public facing development) and reached out to arfoll via https://github.com/instantinfrastructure/edison-src/issues/1

      @hh sorry there are currently no Intel owned public git repositories for the edison BSPs for the time being. My apoligies. I'm not familiar enough with the edison kernel patchset to answer your question, asking on the Intel community forum is probably a good way to try get some attention.

      I then found some @intel.com emails listed in the src of linux-3.19 and edison-src*ww42-14.tgz under arch/x86_64/platform/intel-mid/* and asked the Intel Developer Advocates and Evangelists  via twitter if it was the right place to a ask questions and emailed them.

      Steven Xing on Twitter: no public mailing list (would be a good get), but those emails you found are the best guys to email & have fix…

      No responses so far.... so I cross-posted to the linux-yocto and meta-intel over at the yocto project hoping to connect:


      f hid f mass storage and f rdnis via usb gadget configfs for platform intel mid BSP w kernel 3.19 rc4


      Again no responses.


      I've opened another forum post Intel BSPs "Official layer for the Intel platform/board support" does not include Edison

      and reached ot to Nitin Kamble in hopes to integrate the BSP sources upstream into the yocto layer/meta-intel or the appropriate location.


      Let's hope my diligence results in some meaningful discussions, I'm about out of steam to work on this.


      Thanks to the people at Intel who have helped me so far:

      CMata_Intel and Intel_Peter have been the only people to interact with me via this forum

      rexstjohn / @rexstjohn (Intel Edison Evangelist) connected me to Daniel Holmlund @agnathan (Intel Developer Advocate) and Steven Xing @stevencrossing #allviatwitter

      arfoll / Intel iot-devkit libraries · GitHub