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    Galileo GEN2 power does not light up


      Howdy kind people of the internet,

      well...my GEN2 board seemed to be working for a bit,

      - had led lights on the board (with no USB plugged in),

      - and after plugging in USB I could see the Galileo board plugged into COM5 port off my USB port,

      - and using arduino IDE 1.5.3. I was able to successfully update the firmware.


      But alas, now when plugging in the 12V power (and no USB) to the Galileo GEN2 there are no power lights...nada, nothing...just dark.


      If plug in my USB (from my computer) I do however get a couple of small green LED lights,

      ...but the PC no longer is able to access the Galileo through the COM port.


      In any event here's some other troubleshooting steps I've taken:

      - I've checked the voltage on the power supply and the power supply itself comes in around 13V to 14V,

      - note that sometimes I was get a red light on the board, but the red light no longer seems to want to light up.

      - I've check the voltage on the shield standoff at the VIN pin and it's 13V (same as on the back of the board by the main DC power in port).


      So, is the board broken?

      ..note I've attempted to get an RMA from the INTEL warranty page but it does not seem to want to accept the Serial Number or Part Number off my board.


      If any of ya'll have any ideas for how to proceed, please let me know

      thanks in advance