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    Do I need to purchase a new compatible motherboard to utilize the integrated graphics on my new i7-4790k?


      I've been building my new PC for awhile, and I low-ended my motherboard. I knew I was going to be receiving a good processor through the Intel Retail Edge program, so I thought I had a "decent enough" motherboard picked out.

      I'm afraid I was wrong now and now I'm paying for it. I used nothing but PC part picker (which I now regret and understand why you shouldn't rely strictly on that), and I was told that my new 4790k would be compatible with my motherboard  (http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4729#ov)

      Looking on Intels site however, the 4790k doesn't seem to be compatible with the MOBO's chipset.

      The computer runs great, the processor works great. The ONLY issue, is that I cannot use my integrated graphics. The only display adapter I have is the Intel HD Graphics 4600, and it has the latest drivers (I did multiple clean installs). However my display is using the Microsoft Basic Display Driver and not my Intel processor, and I'm unable to use my Intel display adapter to run ANYTHING even though it's listed and "working".


      I've also run Intels Processor Diagnostic Tool and everything checked out.

      Do I need a new motherboard, or is there something else wrong, or did I get a bad processor somehow?