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    NUC Kit D34010WYKH No video output


      I recently purchased the Intel NUC Kit D34010WYKH and have not yet been able to get any video output using a variety of methods.

      The RAM that was used in the NUC was pulled from an unused laptop, which I am fairly certain is 1.35V.

      The storage drive was a newly purchased Intel 530 series 240GB SSD.

      The monitor used was an 1080p acer H236HL which came with its own HDMI cable that was downsized to mini HDMI with a BYTECC HM-HMMINI adapter.


      After setting everything up and plugging in a mouse and keyboard the NUC would only start up for about 30sec and then restarts the booting process outputting no video and no power to the mouse or keyboard.

      Thinking the adapter was bad, I bought a Spider MiniHDMI-HDMI cord, which yielded no results.

      I have tried booting without the SSD installed, with various televisions around the house, and pressing F2/F10/Delete to try to get into the BIOS, but no success.

      The only things left that I can think of are bad RAM or that the NUC is defective.

      Any Ideas?