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    OpenGL 3.3 graphics card needed


      I need to use Dialux software. When I download it, I get the message it needs OpenGL 3.3 graphics card. Is it possible for me to download this? I have an Acer 5742 with Intel HD Graphics controller and Graphics driver version

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          Please post the DirectX diagnostic tool log. The information you supplied is far from being complete.

          Press Start+R and type dxdiag, right click on it and select Run as administrator.

          Running it as administrator ensures we get all available information. In DirectX diagnostic tool click Save all information. Attach that log file to your post.

          The essential information I am looking for is the CPU model. If you already know it is from 2nd generation Intel Core processors or a deviate Pentium or Celeron or older, then that explains why it doesn't work. 2nd generation Intel Core is capped at OpenGL 3.1 and first generation is capped at OpenGL 2.1. 

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            Thanks for your swift reply.  I have attached the log.


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              @ Thompson, The system you have has Intel HD Graphics (Arrandale) and supports OGL up to version 1.2. (See Graphics Drivers — Supported Graphics APIs and Features)


              With Intel® HD Graphics

              DirectX*OpenGL*OpenCL*Shader Model SupportIntel® Quick Sync VideoIntel® Wireless DisplayIntel® Insider™ technologyIntel® InTru™ 3D TechnologyIntel® Clear Video HD Technology


              You would have to upgrade your system to a current chipset  in order to support OGL 3.3.




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                Hello MrBert,


                Thank you for sharing this information.


                Based on the dxdiag report, I see your computer is running a First generation Intel® Graphics controller.


                It is important to say that depending on the hardware platform the graphics controller will support higher OpenGL versions but the first generation graphics controller can handle up to OpenGL 2.1.

                Here you can check this information:



                The solution to support Higher OpenGL version is upgrade the Intel® Graphics controller by changing to a new platform.


                Kevin M

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                  Many thanks for your time, Robert and Kevin.  I appreciate your swift solutions to my question.  Time for a new laptop methinks....