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    ac-3160 download speeds


      I have had this toshiba L50 for about a month now and straight from the box noticed that the speed wasn't what i expected, did a speed test and usually I get arounf 25mbps at around 12 feet from my virgin super hub. Download is usually over 30mbps when connected to router through ethernet cable so I expect decreasing speed over distance i.e over side of home.

      But it is a third of the speed of my old lap top, a toshiba a500-m.

      I have a photo of both lap tops next to each other and the old a500 is at 30mbps and the newer L50 is at 12mbps!

      This is a well listed problem as googling the ac-3160 for any problems and the majority are the same issues but with no fix, trying different values in the settings and updating to the latest driver has done nothing.

      hkyfn 20-Aug-2014 12:34 posted something with regards to this but didn't get a answer that solved it, that was a dell lap top so it's obviously across manufacturers.

      If it can not be fixed I shall look at getting a different card in it at the end of the month.

      Any suggestions?

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          Hello aphaywood,


          I would like to get more information about the system configuration you have so please provide the following:

          System information report. How to get it?

          System Information: Click Start> Type System Information> Click File> Export> Save File> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.


          Let me know what is the router model and firmware installed. Also, I would really like to know what the Security encryption is?.


          I appreciate all the information you can provide.


          Kevin M

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            DSC_0229.JPGhi kevin_intel


            It's a windows 8.1 os, the router(modem router) is a super hub supplied by virgin media vmdg480, software version v2.38.01 produced by netgear.

            wpa-2 security,  tkip encryption


            please feel free if you nedd more info.



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              I think I have figured this out!

              Basically I bought a new wifi router to enable my cctv system to be viewed over the net, I chose the the TP-LInk C7 archer ac1750 as it would also be compliant with the faster 'ac' access.

              Low and behold the laptop is loads faster on download as it is now operating on the 'ac' protocol. so my theory is this.

              As the wireless card doesn't seem to have an N protocol, it was operating over a/b/g which was much slower.


              I wasn't aware of this and I don't think alot of people are hence all the chatter of these wireless cards being poor performers.

              If currys pcworld had mentioned this then I would of got a new router then!!!

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                Hello Aphaywood,


                We are glad to know that the adapter is working fine with your new Wireless AC access point.


                The Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 is backwards compatible with Wireless-N, however, it may require the latest driver and tweaking in the advanced properties to improve functionality with some access points.

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                  Just joined the forum because when I sent Dell support an email they emailed me back and referenced a completely different laptop than I have (and referenced in the email I sent) and they also referenced a different service tag # (which I referenced in the email) and to top things off, they said I had Windows 8.1 and I have Windows 10 (it shipped with 10!!)  It also took them 5 days to respond to my email.

                  OK, I'm very sorry I bought a Dell, but I have the Intel AC-3160 wireless adapter as you do Aphaywood. Under my wireless properties it shows no option for 'N' or 'AC'. I know the specs on the card and I recently bought a Netgear router R6100 which is dual band and supports wireless "AC". I too updated drivers and played with the adapter settings, but under the adapter properties, it still only has option for "wireless a/b/g". I'm thinking, "Did I go into a time warp back to the 80's? I mean, it doesn't even list wireless N!

                  So,  my laptop is not getting the download speeds it should. I'm doing speed tests and results are around 30 Mbps. I have a Comcast/Xfinity package that is 75 down/ and 6 up.

                  I know wireless isn't as fast as Ethernet but I was told by our major computer retail store that with wireless AC on the 5 GHz band I should be able to get close 100 Mbps on my laptop. The 5GGHz band is rated at 867 Mbps.

                  So, I think there is definitely an issue with this card. If the wireless mode settings of a/b/g are on the card properties, it only makes sense that speeds are going to be much slower.

                  Aphaywood, from your post it sounds like just installing a wireless AC router fixed your problem. But what does your wireless adapter setting say for wireless mode? And did you end up changing any settings for the card? I'm wondering if Windows 10 has anything to do with it.


                  Intel Gurus - Please join in. After plunking down extra money to get a laptop that would run wireless ac and buying a new router so I could have wireless ac, I'd like to reap the benefits of my investments.


                  I'm running windows 10 so I don't know how to get that sys info report you asked Aphaywood to give you. Here are most of my system specs:


                  Dell Inspiron Intel I-5 I-5558 2.2 GHz

                  1 TB SATA III 5400 RPM HD

                  Intel GPU 15.6" HD LED-Backlit LCD

                  Resolution 1366x768

                  8GB Memory (2X4GB) DDR3L-1600

                  Ethernet LAN Data Transfer Rate 10/100 Mbps

                  WLAN  Wireless LAN 802.11ac

                  Wireless Tecnology  802.11ac

                  My new router:

                  Netgear R6100 Dual band AC-1200

                  using WPA2-PSK [AES]

                  Router Firmware Version is current: V1.0.0.62

                  My laptop is connecting to the 5 GHz band

                  I gave you all my system, info that I thought would be pertinent to diagnosing my slow speeds. Does anybody thing the Intel AC-3160 is just a bad product?



                  Thanks for any help.