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    S3500 480GB + PM45 (ICH9M): ssd not detected



      I've just bought (and already returned) my new s3500 (480GB).

      I've tried all possible BIOS settings (ahci / non-ahci / ...) but the s3500 could not be detected by bios neither in sata1 (internal bay) nor sata3 (eSata). The ssd however worked in my external usb hdd box. The capacity surely isn't a problem as a 500GB hdd was detected without problems.


      I have the Clevo m570tu notebook with Intel PM45 + ICH9M, and P8600 CPU.

      On some forum (no link, no citations) somebody said that ICH9 can have issues in SATA1 mode. Not sure which, but at least my s3500 didn't work at all, even though the datasheet says it should be compatible down to SATA1.


      I could probably try to update ssd firmware, but I've got that idea just after sending it back :[

      Any ideas on this problem?