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    I want to play WoW, but drivers are out dated?


      Hello, my device drivers are out of date and it's causing massive lag and constant crashes in-game of World of Warcraft. I've contacted ASUS to update all of my drivers, but the message still pops up of my drivers being out-dated. If anyone can assist me with steps and what is compatible with my driver, that'd be greatly appreciated!

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          Hello Angeala, 

          I would like to inform you that the latest graphics drivers available for your system are post on the following link. Intel® Download Center    


          Bear in mind that we provided generic drivers; and sometimes these cannot be installed on other systems or the installation of them could overwrite their customizations and possibly change the functionality of the graphics. So we really recommend you to install the latest drivers provided by your system manufacturer, in this case ASUS.


          If you are still want to install our drivers, you may try forcing the installation by performing manual procedure, however I cannot assure you they are going to work as expected.

          See here for instructions:  Graphics Drivers — Computer manufacturer graphics driver detected 


          Silvia L