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    puertos uart galileo gen 2

    wilson caro

      hello friends,



      4dsystem need to connect a screen, and adafruit thermal printer, but not if the intel Galilean gene 2 has two UART ports rs232



      thanks for the help you can give me

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          Hi wilson941,


          We are moving your question to the appropriate forum. About your question I don’t understand it, could you explain what are you trying to accomplish?



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            Hi Wilson

            If you do an Internet search for 4D screens Galileo you can find some discussions




            as for the printer, the Library and example on the Adafruit site uses softserial which, to the best of my knowledge, still isn't supported on the Galileo

            You could make a small print server with an Atmega chip and send the print commands to it.


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              Hi Wilson

              My mistake

              According to Diego, Software Serial is supported on the Galileo gen 2 -he provided a sample in his response in the following discussion




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                wilson caro


                finally the ability to communicate the printer and 4D can write to ventas@saggios.net


                this is a example:



                #include <genieArduino.h>

                #include "Adafruit_Thermal_Galileo.h"

                Adafruit_Thermal_Galileo printer;

                #include <avr/dtostrf.h>

                Genie display2; // Genie Display 2

                #include <EEPROM.h>

                int x,y,w,v=0,menu=0,boton,cont=0,cont2=0,cont3,c=0,z=0,m=0,q=0,pri=0;

                long previousMillis=0,config;

                long intervalo = 59000;    // 1 minuto

                char *buf;

                char buf2[9];


                void setup(){

                  //EEPROM.write(0,35);    //tiem ciclo de MOTORES

                  //EEPROM.write(1,10);    //tiem ciclo de instrumental

                  //EEPROM.write(2,30);    //tiem ciclo BOWIE & DICK

                  //EEPROM.write(3,10);    //tiem ciclo ROPA

                  //EEPROM.write(4,121);   //temp ciclo MOTORES

                  //EEPROM.write(5,134);   //temp ciclo instrumental

                  //EEPROM.write(6,135);   //temp ciclo bowie

                  //EEPROM.write(7,136);   //temp cicwlo ROPA

                  //EEPROM.write(8,10);     //correcion temperatura

                  //EEPROM.write(9,169);     //correcion presion

                  //EEPROM.write(10,30);   //tiempo de secado instrumental

                  //EEPROM.write(11,41);   //tiempo de secado MOTORES

                  //EEPROM.write(12,0);   //ciclos maquina 1 "cuenta 250"

                  //EEPROM.write(13,0);    //ciclos maquina 2 "cuenta 250"

                  //EEPROM.write(14,0);    //ciclos maquina 3 "cuenta 200"

                  system("telnetd -l /bin/sh"); //Start the telnet server on Galileo

                  system("ifconfig eth0 netmask up");

                  pinMode(A0, INPUT);   //entrada temperatura

                  pinMode(A1, INPUT);   //entrada presion

                  pinMode(4, OUTPUT);   //salida vapor

                  pinMode(5, OUTPUT);   //salida Vacio

                  pinMode(6, OUTPUT);   //salida puerta

                  pinMode(7, OUTPUT);   //salida buzzer

                  pinMode(8, OUTPUT);   //salida ventilacion

                  pinMode(9, INPUT);    //Entrada termico bomba vacio


                  Serial.begin(9600);   // Serial0 @ 200000 (200K) Baud


                  Serial2.begin(115200);  // Serial1 @ 200000 (200K) Baud

                  display2.Begin(Serial2);  // Use Serial1 for talking to the Genie Library, and to the 4D Systems display #2

                  display2.AttachEventHandler(myGenieEventHandler2); // Attach the user function Event Handler for processing events for display 2



                  printer.println("AUTOCLAVE  MINIKLAV GV2");

                  printer.println("Ciclos Maquina");


                  printer.println("               ");

                  printer.println("               ");

                  display2.WriteObject (GENIE_OBJ_TIMER, 0x00,0); //apago timer0

                  display2.WriteObject (GENIE_OBJ_FORM, 1, 0) ;   // Select Form2 of the Display





                void loop()