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    Intel SCS 10 Installer Error


      Hello all,


      I was in the process of installing Intel SCS in a lab today.  After allowing the installer to create the DB and storage key successfully with a user account, the install began to copy files into the directory specified and then bombed with this error:




      I did some research on this error, but not a lot turned up other than a hit on the 0x3e7 being something to the effect of a misconfigured part?  The server it is installed is a virtual machine.



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          Hi mhinson72,


          We have root caused this error: Error performing inpage operation. Part size is not 9 (0x3e7)


          The cause of this error is that your RCS User account password contains the special character ":" (colon).


          For your RCS User account password, please select a password that doesn't contain any of the following special characters:

          • : (colon)
          • '/' (slash)


          This will result in your installation to will end successfully.


          We will update the documentation for the Intel SCS product with these details in further releases