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    Intel Matrix Storage Manager 8.2


      I have a client with running win Server 2003, with an error message RAID volume is degraded because of failed hard drive....I have purchased a Seagate drive identical to the filed one, what next?  I hope this is the proper forum for this question.

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          What is the model of the system board you are using? You should be able to replace the drive and then use the RAID utility to mark the replacement drive as hotspare to start the rebuild process.


          I am including the User’s Guide for this RAID controller for more information about the rebuild process.

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            Intel DQ3510J - thank you for all your help.

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              You’re welcome – Were you able to rebuild the array?

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                This is a Animal Hospital, so the only time I have to give this a try...is on the weekend, when their system is not in use, I am planning on Saturday afternoon.  My theory is....if installing the new drive, using the Intel program, doesn't work, then I still have the failing drive that I can reconnect and they can limp along awhile longer until there is a new plan.

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                  Update....Took failing (c) drive out and booted from backup (d) drive before windows loaded a utility came up and an option was create a RAID drive, which I took; however, it said the drive wasn't large enough.....(It was suggested that I get the exact same drive as the failed one), when Windows came up it did write some data to the new drive and stopped  again said it wasn't large enough.  So I put the old C drive back in and they are limping along.  Any suggestions?

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                    Was the replacement drive the same model, and at the firmware as the original one? I have noticed that from model to model it might have slightly different sizes which could trigger this error.


                    I am adding to the case our Desktop support group for further discussion on this situation. If needed, feel free to contact our Intel Customer Support team for a side-by-side walk through on the rebuild process.

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                      It was exactly the same drive - model # everything....  Will I have to format that drive in order to try it again?  It took a couple of attempts to get as far as I did on Saturday.

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                        Guessing, I would say you have RAID 1 volume. If this is the case, you can rebuild the volume with the software or you can do it from CTRL-I by setting the drives to Non-Raid. This can be done with RAID 1 only and when doing it, it will display a notification that says “all information will be lost” but again, this does not apply for RAID 1.


                        Once you have set the disks to Non-RAID you can boot to the disk and using the software recreate the RAID 1 with the new disk.

                        It is always important to back up the information ‘


                        Kevin m

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                          Thank you, all of you have been so helpful.  Can I then turn the drives back in to RAID drives?  I have never worked with this program and this is very old equipment without any documentation.  There are two physical drives - Both RAID - the C drive is designated OS and the D drive is designated DATA, but now I am beginning to wonder if that it is a partitioned drive because the drive documentation (on the the hard drive) says it is 160gb, but total space on C is 74.5gb (36.5gb free space) and on D it is 74.5gb (71.5 free space)? The Intel error page states Port 1 status - FAILED - Volume Member 1 - MIRROR - number of volumes - 1.  However, when I put of second of the two drives in the first bay - and put the new drive in the second bay, that is when the program loaded the data from D onto the new drive with the error that the drive wasn't large enough. The more I think about this the more confused I get.....sorry.