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    No audio on DisplayPort in "clone" (HDMI: TV; DisplayPort: A/V Receiver) mode


      I own a NUC D34010WYK. Until last week I was using it as a XBMC/KODI HTPC on Ubuntu. I could use both the HDMI and DisplayPort in "clone" mode and had audio via my Samsung TV (connected to HDMI) and my Onky TX-NR4141 A/V Receiver (connected to DisplayPort via a HDMI Adapter).


      Everything was cool!


      Now I switched to Windows 8.1 and I can still use clone mode for display, but I have no audio via DisplayPort. All Cabling stayed the same.
      The fact that I could use both ports to display and stream audio tells me the hardware is capable of doing it.




      So I guess it must be a driver/settings issue.




      How can I resolve this?


      Thank you,