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    Correct Edison firmware version?


      I'm not sure if my Edison ended up with the right firmware version. I've done a lot of flashing trying to get my serial interface working again and have finally got it to a point where I can work on it. BUT I'm having a weird issue when I try and interact with a Grove LCD and was trying to figure out why.


      So the question here is, what version number should come up on my edison? Now I get 16 when using configure_edison --version


      root@edison:/# configure_edison --version


      However this post (Easy start: Intel Edison as gateway for IoT and more ...) says the version should be 68!!


      How could I still possibly be on 16 if the current is 68!! I've downloaded the Yocto complete image from Edison - Software Downloads  (edison-image-rel1-maint-rel1-ww42-14.zip) so many times!