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    My Intel Hd Graphics 4600 is being used by programs instead of Nvidia GTX 765M.


      My Setup:

      MSI GE70

      Windows 8.1


      12 GB RAM

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz

      Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

          driver version:

      GeForce GTX 765M

          driver version:

      Running Premier Pro CC 2014.2


      I've been having an absolute nightmare trying to get all the components of my laptop to play nicely together. For some reason Premier Pro won't seem to recognize my Nvidia card and is solely using the Intel 4000, which is preventing any and all video playback within the application. Even when I go into the Nvidia control panel and switch the global and program settings for Premiere to the Nvidia card it only seems to read the Intel 4000. I've spent the last 10 days trying to fix this problem via Adobe forums, Nvidia forums, MSI forums, Windows forums, chat support with Adobe and Windows and it seems the problem lies somewhere between the Intel 4000, Windows 8.1, Premier 2014.2, and the installed Directx version. The Nvidia control panel and the Windows Directx diagnostic tool both show me using Directx version 11.0, but the Intel Graphics control panel shows me using version 11.2, and says that that my Intel hardware only supports up to version 11.1 (pictured below). Why is The Intel CP showing a different version of Directx compared to the Nvidia CP and the windows Directx diagnostic tool? Through 2 days of chat support, Adobe and Windows have both narrowed this down to a problem with the Intel Graphics/Directx version problem. I can't role back the version of Directx and I have the most up to date Intel 4000 driver suggested by my laptop manufacturer (MSI). Adobe disabled my Intel 4000 which allowed me to view video in Premiere Pro 2014 and use the Mercury Playback CUDA from my Nvidia card, but then I wasn't able to use my second monitor which seems to only work with the Intel 4000, which I have to have for color correction. The system was also acting very strange after he disabled the Intel GPU so I've done a complete factory reset and reinstall of Windows 8.1 and the Adobe Software. After that I'm still having the same problem as before but I don't want to use the terrible "disable the Intel" workaround. There are tons of other people in the Adobe and gaming forums all having nearly the same problem with the Intel 4000 not switching over to the Nvidia card. Some are remedied by going back to Windows 8 or 7, some by going back to the earlier version of Premiere Pro, but nobody can seem to figure out the problem using the latest versions of both Windows 8.1 & Premiere Pro 2014.2.


      I've included a screen shot of my Nvidia CP, the Directx Diagnostic Tool, and the Intel Graphics CP showing the different versions of Directx.



      DirectX Versions.PNG


      Not that it makes any difference but I'm a video editor and tomorrow makes 11 days of not being able to work, so ANY help from the Intel Community would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Hello Anthony, since you laptop comes with switchable graphics, we recommend customers that when installing the graphics drivers provided by your system manufacturer first.


          Bear in mind that we provided generic drivers; therefore sometimes these cannot be installed on MSI systems or the installation of them could overwrite their customizations and possibly change the functionality of the graphics.


          If the installation of MSI drivers do not resolved the issue, you can try installing Intel HD Graphics drivers first and then Nvidia's graphics drivers.


          What I would recommend you trying is first uninstall the Nvidia graphics drivers, uninstall the Intel HD Graphics drivers and then start to re-install the drivers beginning with the Intel HD Graphics drivers. Also install the Chipset INF driver.


          Here is the order I would recommend. Please reboot between each step.


          1. Install the Chipset INF Driver

          2. Open Control Panel, open Device Manager, click on the Nvidia display adapter, click the Driver tab, click Uninstall driver and be sure to check the Remove Driver Files box and uninstall the driver.

          3. Open the Control Panel and open Programs and Features, if the Intel HD Graphics driver is listed click Uninstall.


          Now you can start installing the graphics drivers.

          1. Install the Intel HD Graphics driver

          2. Install the Nvidia graphics driver.



          Also be sure your system has the latest BIOS update.

          if the issue persisted please contact MSI for additional technical support.



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            Hi there. I hope this helps, but I'm not entirely sure what you've done so far, so excuse me if I'm telling you something you already know.


            I don't think PPCS6 recognises most Geforce cards so you have to trick it. At least that's what I have to do. I've checked and I don't think it officially supports your card.


            It might seem complex but it's not. All you need to do is find the model of your card (as PP recognises it) and add it to a text file.


            Worry not because it's an easy fix.

            1. Go to Windows explorer and find your install folder - usually Program Files/Adobe/Premiere Pro CS6 or something like that.

            2. In the search window (top right of the explorer window), type "cuda" and you'll find a text file called "cuda_supported_cards.txt". Copy this file into another folder - you'll need to edit it, but it is protected in the CS6 folder. This is basically the list of cards that PP will see. You just need to add yours.

            3. Go back to the install folder, press the "Shift" key and then right click the mouse and select "Open Command windows here". When the command prompt window is open, type "GPUSniffer". This will detect your GPU. It will display the text something like "GeForce GTX 765M". Write this down exactly - including capital letters and spaces where appropriate.

            4. Open the copied version of "cuda_supported_cards.txt". At the end, write exactly the model number that GPU Sniffer found. You'll see where, because "cuda_supported_cards.txt" has a load of cards listed. Add yours at the bottom.

            5 Save "cuda_supported_cards.txt" and then copy it back to the original location r - usually Program Files/Adobe/Premiere Pro CS6. It will prompt you to replace the original file, just click yes.

            6. Open Premiere Pro, go to Project Settings and your should be able to select CUDA.


            Hope it works for you.

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              Thank you Lee_Salter for the information you have kindly shared with us.


              I hope this can help others.


              Best wishes,