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    AC 7260 cannot connect to homenetwork after connection to other WLAN


      I have a Asus LG302 with the AC 7260 chipset, OS W8.1

      From the beginning (Dec 2013) I had issues with the Wifi connections, which could partially be solved by updating to new drivers and a new router.


      I am now using the Intel drivers dated 08.Dec.2014 and my router is a Fritzbox 7360 with the latest firmware version 6.20


      I still have the issue that my laptop does not reconnect to my Wifi once it has been connected to another Wifi elsewhere (I have ticked autoconnect to my Wifi).

      And sometimes, unclear conditions and not reproduceable, my laptop looses connection at home when starting from sleep (I have ticked (translated from German): "laptop can disable device to save power" and "device can wake laptop fro sleep"). However, what I can assure is that the laptop is not low on battery, when this happens...

      In both cases, I need to force W8.1 to forget the network and restart connection (select Wifi, enter password). No other option works.


      Plus, I have the impression that Wifi drops sometimes and comes back immediately (I get some system sounds from W8.1), but I don't know how to eventlog that.


      Any idea what to do (I have tried to untick power saving options with earlier versions of the drivers, but no positive result).

      If more info is needed. let me know how to get that