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    Regular judder on NUC watching Netflix through my amp


      Hello all:


      I've got an annoying judder (regular pause in frame rate approx. every 1.25 seconds) while watching Netflix on my NUC.  I have done the usual troubleshooting, updated all drivers and bios to the latest version, including my amp - Denon 4311CI.  I have reproduced the problem from both the display port and also hdmi and also verified that the hdmi detective doesn't help this.  Unfortunately I have confirmed that bypassing the Denon clears the judder, but results in no audio (I use a projector) so it can still be either video or audio stream based (hdcp?).  I have tested with win 8.1 running Netflix in a browser and also the standalone amp and have also tested stereo and dolby 5.1 soundtrack options, they all demonstrate the issue.


      No one has reported this as an issue on the Denon forums or my Sony projector forums, I cannot find a reference on Netflix forums.  My current working theory is that there is some digital rights management negotiation going on between the nuc and my amp that is causing the pause and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen a similar issue and has a workaround to suggest?