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    NUC Won't boot



      I have the NUC D34010WYKH with an 500GB WD HDD installed.

      Most of the times it wont boot to the hdd, when I check the bios the HDD isnt recognized. sometimes the hdd boot is succesful.

      I have checked the hdd with a diffrent PC and it seems healthy.

      I have upgraded the NUC Bios to the latest version (0033), loaded bios defaults but same problem recurring.

      this is the second NUC that i'm having the same problem out of 40-50 NUCs I have Installed.

      Any Suggestions?

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          Hello LTN,  I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your system.


          I would recommend you checking this thread from a user who was having the same issue. https://communities.intel.com/thread/54282



          I tested the following devices on my NUC and these are the results:

          • Crucial SSD 2.5 was recognized.
          • Fujitsu HD 2.5 was recognized.

          These 2 products use 5v.



          The only device that did not work was a regular mechanical 3.5 hard drive, but once I connected the HD to a power supply, it worked without problems. These HDs required 12v.


          I’m using BIOS version 0027.  This could be a compatibility problem with the HD you are using.

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            thank you for replying

            my post is aimed to understand if there are known motherboard or sata controller issues with this NUC model.

            the HDD's I've mentioned are internals so they obviously working at 5V. external HDD are not relevant for my post.

            as I mentioned before I have encounterd this issue with 2 NUC's carrying the Western Digital HDD, while other NUC's were working fine with the same HDD model.

            this NUC's factory installed bios version is 0021, I have upgraded one of them to the latest version 0033 which did not affect the issue.