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    fun in only 5 minutes: passive bluetooth scanner/logger


      take a look at this very simple but elegant software: DigiFAIL.com - Bluelog

      it logs any discoverable BT device in range, but the neat part is the Live mode which is an auto-refreshing webpage.

      aside from compiling the program, and obviously an available hci0 the only other thing you really need is lighttpd or apache, with cgi enabled.


      it took me not even 5 minutes to go from download, to build, to looking at a webpage showing a surprising number of nearby devices!

      also, I recommend building the OUI table for the extra bit of info (the generated file is only about 600kb, nothing monstrous)


      put a battery on your Edison and wander around your town, and later take a look at what you collected! but also it's being used for what sound like some clever traffic monitoring/surveying projects e.g. Vehicle traffic monitoring - About

      - pretty cool, put 1 device at each end of the street, in fixed position for very long periods of time. by comparing the 2 logs, out comes a wealth of survey information - demographic, density, traffic, frequency...


      there's also a companion program DigiFAIL.com - Bluefog which is supposed to create large numbers of phantom BT devices!? but I didn't try that one yet.


      fun stuff