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    Blackboarders around games




      The last few updates made playing games very difficult. I can no longer play fullscreen on smaller resolutions. Instead it puts black boarders around the screen, which hurts my head and makes playing a matter of getting sick. I have tried everything. Updating to latest drivers, uninstalling, reboot and reinstalling, checking settings on the Intel Graphics Panel, in game option switch in and out and "tricks" to get my games to go fullscreen but nothing works. All of my games have this problem, it isn't just a few of them. I mainly care about it effecting my Battlefield games, America's Army: Proving Grounds, Alien: Isolation and SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic)  but it would be nice to play all my games like I could a few updates ago.


      If anyone could help me, that'd be much appreciated!


      Thank you!




      Intel HD Graphics have come a long way. Intel's later iGPUs will make gaming on iGPU entirely possible!

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