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    Unable to update driver for HD Graphics 4400 on Windows 8.1




      I've just built a new HTPC running Windows 8.1 with a Core i3 4130, using the HD 4400 integrated graphics, and I'm having trouble updating to the latest driver.


      When I enter device manager, double click on the Intel HD Graphics 4400 display adapter, and click the Driver tab, it says my driver version is with a date of 9/29/2014.


      I've attempted to update to the latest version,, multiple times. I used the .exe installer from the download center, but after installing and rebooting, I go back to Device Manager and it still says my driver version is I also downloaded the driver as a zip file using the instructions from Robert_U here: Re: Drivers Won't Update Properly - Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600


      Same result - it still shows that I have version


      Can anyone offer any help?