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    Should I expect problems with a DC S3500 SSD without AHCI/Trim?




      we have some systems with Atom CPU (D525 CPU and Intel ICH8).

      Bios does not offer AHCI, only IDE.

      Harddrive is a intel SSD DCS3500 2,5" 80GB.

      Windows 7 Prof. will be the OS.


      The SSD in these systems are not used for better performace but for reliability issues.

      The user will not have any admin rights.


      I know that without AHCI, there will be no Trim Support.


      How much will the missing of Trim Support impact the SSD in a performance and reliability view?

      Will the internal Garbage Collection of this SSD help in anyway?

      Are there any better SSDs for this situation?


      Thank you!