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    Intel NUC in a VMWare Environment


      Hello Guys


      I've got a question. Is it possible to integrate a Intel NUC into a VMWare View Environment? I wish i could configure the NUC as a Thin Client. So the NUC starts and connects to the VDI and gets the Desktop and all the Data from the VMWare Server, is that possible?

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          I think it should work as long as you have something to boot to and the proper client software to use.


          I think Thinstation should fit your needs. Can boot from iso and pxe etc (that is no harddrive is needed in your NUC). There is also a devkit named Devstation which can be used to create custom iso/pxe-images:


          Thinstation by Donald A. Cupp Jr.


          Other options (if you just need a webbrowser) could be to use Webconverger which is also a livecd:



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            Thank for your helpful answer. I know Thinstation and Devstation. But the NUCs have got no Harddisk, is that right? So how can I build the connection to the VMWare Server with no Harddisk? Boot from an USB Stick with THinstation is no option for me. Is there a little OS maybe with a webbrowser or a VMware View Client on the NUCs to connect to the Server?

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              Having a harddrive on the client is optional, but since none is needed you can run the client NUC without one and boot from cd/dvd, usb or over network (pxe) instead.


              Thinsstation have a full iso available as live-cd (https://sourceforge.net/projects/thinstation/files/LiveCD/TS-Multiclient-Desktop-LiveCD-Demo.iso), the custom ones is only needed if you want to change something on the live-cd Thinstation provides (and if so the Devstaiton can be installed on another computer having a harddrive, or as a virtual guest using Virtualbox or VMware).


              If you just need a webbrowser live-cd then I would go for Webconverger.

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                So it is possible to set up a Virtual Machine on VMWare and if the client starts it will boot over network from the Vmware environment? Is that possible?


                Because the solution will be for 200+ people and they can't boot all from the usb stick.


                For me the two options are a harddisk (more costs) or to boot over network.


                What do you think?

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                  Ok lets recap...


                  Thinstation (that TS-Multiclient-Desktop-LiveCD-Demo.iso) is the stuff that should be runned (booted from) on the workstation you want to use as a terminal client.


                  Normally such terminal clients run without harddrive (since none is needed) and boots from CD/DVD or USB or PXE (over network).


                  Having that said the Thinstation can of course also be runned from within VMware and/or VirtualBox.


                  That LiveCD-Demo is a complete set of tools where in your case you perhaps only need the RDP-client and not the other stuff. If so then you can download and install Devstation on a separate box (or in VMware/VirtualBox) in order to create your own set of custom ISO-files to be used.


                  The Devstation server can also be used as host for PXE booting to function.


                  For more information see here:




                  Q&A · Thinstation/thinstation Wiki · GitHub