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    Triple monitors on a Intel(R) HD graphics 4600


      Hi there.


      I was wondering if someone could help me here. I currently have a custom built PC with an i7-4770K CPU with a Gigabyte Z87x-UD3H Motherboard.


      This motherboard has a DVI,HDMI,DisplayPort and a VGA Port.


      I can connect three monitors to the DVI(primary),Display Port(secondary) and VGA (third). With this set up all three monitors work. But when i want to use the HDMI instead of the VGA the monitor wont operate unless i unplug the Display port.


      Is there a way i can use the DVI,Display port and HDMI together so that i can get a better resolution on my third monitor?



      Sorry if this is to vague i will be happy to expand further if needed.


      Im using windows 7 and all my drivers are up to date(at least im 98% sure)


      Thank you