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    Edison and Full HD




      I am new to Edison and currently using Raspberry for my prototyping. However, I would like to understand if the Edison platform would be useful for my little project.


      My project involves the picamera, which records video in Full HD (1080p) and stores it on a flash drive. It is later transferred through Bluetooth to my PC or mobile.


      As the Edison has quite a powerful processor, includes onboard Bluetooth and WIFI and has a large RAM and Flash drive, I wonder if it is feasible to run a Full HD recording on it. It is a bit less powerfull than a Raspberry Pi (700Mhz while Edison only 500), and it does not have a multimedia co-processor (to my knowledge). Also, I did not yet find a similar camera module as the Pi Camera, but I imagine it is feasible to create one with limited features. However, I wonder if the Edison is able to process Full HD at all. The demos I saw on this forum all involved rather low res (300x200), which would not be suitable for my project...


      Anybody an insight into this matter?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Hi steph2014,


          Your project looks very cool; however I'm not sure if you can perform it with Edison. As you said, Edison doesn't have a multimedia co-processor and it wasn't designed for video applications like Raspberry Pi.


          I have seen some video applications in the Community but they use webcams or TFT displays, take a look to this thread: Re: Built a little Edison video game console running Doom.


          If you want to try using the Edison for this project I invite you to post your results here to let the Community know about them.


          Regarding the Edison/Raspberry Pi comparison, I'll recommend you to check this site: Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, Intel Edison – Benchmarked. There is a very well analysis that you might find interesting.




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            Hi Diego!


            Thanks for your reply! The video app looks cool, but sadly it is "only" using a small display, which does not prove (or disprove) that the Edison can run Full HD. I am impressed with the benchmarking I see at your link. Do you know if there is any benchmarking done with showing video (like that video app)? This would go a long way to show if the Edison would be up to the task to replace the multimedia co-processor of the Raspberry Pi


            For now, I do not yet have an Edison. I hope to be able to play around with it soon, but I do not have any experience with the platform. So I will have one steep learning curve to go through


            Maybe I can scale down the reqs to 720p (HD) instead of 1080p (Full HD). This might give the Edison sufficient breading room to actually accomplish this. Also, the project would not include any video processing, just looping video and sending it through Bluetooth. That might also help to get this going on the Edison.


            Quite a remarkable piece of tech it seems to be in any case


            Thanks again!


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              Just saw the following:




              Apparently, it is possible to get video connected to the Edison Maybe I should downscale the requirements to a more manageable resolution, to see it start working. Size is more important atm than resolution, I guess

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                Hi steph2014,


                I'm not aware of other benchmarking test.


                In this other thread there is a similar question and the same benchmark test was suggested: Edison vs. (Raspberry Pi OR Beaglebone Black) for video/image processing.