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    DX79SR Board Bluetooth adapter MS-3871 Windows 8.1


      Since I've had this DX79SR Desktop Board I've never been able to get the bluetooth device that came with it to work. Even to the point where I've given up, but every once in a while I try getting it to work again thinking maybe it was an issue that was eventually fixed. I'm not sure if it's because of Windows 8.1 or what.


      Here is some of my issues. When I click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and go to "Show Bluetooth Devices" it goes to "PC Settings". Why would it go to PC Settings, if it's supposed to go to "Show Bluetooth Devices"? So I go to PC Settings and click on Devices, I see Bluetooth. I click on Bluetooth and try to connect to my phone and it constantly tries to connect / pair. Yet when I try to to do anything it says connection failed. My phone connects fine to other bluetooth devices, just not my computer one. Is there any chance that others had this problem and that it has been addressed?


      Here are some things I've already tried. I tried installing this driver: Bluetooth: Motorola* Bluetooth 2.1+EDR USB Device (Bluetooth_allOS_3.0.2.285_PV_MSI.exe)  While using this, I'd click the Bluetooth shortcut or click on Open My Bluetooth icon in the system tray and it would go straight to My Documents. Is it supposed to do that? I thought it was supposed to go to some kind of Manage Bluetooth area. Although it temporarily worked right after I installed it, but stops working everytime I reboot my computer. So I ended up uninstalling it and tried going back to the Generic Bluetooth Adapter, which doesn't work either.


      So basically neither the Generic Bluetooth Adapter drivers or the drivers that this site has worked with my computer. Should I just give up on it again and consider it a lost cause? Maybe look for a new Bluetooth device that is compatible? One thing I keep thinking is that maybe this adapter is too out of date and I just need to give up and move on. Seems like I've tried everything, so this is one last resort before I just toss it and see if a new adapter would suit me better.