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    15.33 vs 15.36


      Can someone detail the differences between the 15.33 and 15.36 branches of drivers? Beyond base drivers is there some difference between them? Both support:

      4th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) Processor Platform

      4th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) Processor U Series-based Platform

      For example.

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          15.36 is a newer branch, new Features are supported only for 15.36 drivers.

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            Is there any reason to use 15.33 for devices that are also supported by 15.36? If not why doesn't Intel drop support on 15.33 for device supported by 15.36?

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              The 15.33 drivers support the HD2500/4000 (Ivybridge) graphics and will also support Intel® Iris™ and HD Graphics (Haswell), the 15.36 support the next gen Intel® Iris™ and HD Graphics (Haswell and Broadwell) and do not support Ivybridge.

              15.36 is the latest baseline for the latest generation of graphics. Haswell support in 15.33 is maintained for customers who do not wish to validate a new baseline. 15.33 was also the baseline Haswell launched with.





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                Thanks Robert that makes sense on the not wanting to test a new baseline. My only frustration is with some deployment tools if you have both 15.33 and 15.36 to support multiple generations of chipsets sometimes the deployment tool or windows will decide the 15.33 is a better fit than 15.36 for those device that are supported by both. This isn't a new problem, it has existed pretty much since Intel offered integrated graphics. I have workarounds but it would be nice to just "have it work" as it were.