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    Intel Driver Version Not updating


      please help me i am struck please help....when i scanned my system via intel update utility for updates it showed my graphic Intel G41 Express chipset family is outdated my  current version was and the latest it showed some 15.17..some so i downloaded the file i extracted it and ran setup.exe and my computer restarted then when i cheked my driver version it again showed rather than showin 15.17 some so plz help my driver version is not updating plzzz help i m struck i want new version so to improve gaming plz help!!!i hav done same thing 10 times but driver version remains same and intel driver update utility shows ur driver is outdated. plz help me

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          there r no answers till now helllllllllppppp

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            Hello AliAsiKhan, thanks for joining the graphics community.


            I would like to inform you that the system is not able to update the driver since it looks like it already has the latest version available installed.

            I would recommend you to check with your system manufacture if they have a newer driver for this chipset.


            In our site the driver version is the latest version available for the G41 Express Chipset, however this is a generic driver and sometimes they cannot be install on this kind of systems.


            Something important that I would like to share with you is that drives are sent to the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) a month before we release the generic driver in our website so they can customized them.

            The reason you cannot install our drivers is because they are generic and sometimes OEM systems do not allow the installation of them.


            Usually OEMs make a lot of customizations to the drivers and the installation of Intel’s drivers could overwrite those customizations. Therefore it will affect your system.