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    Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 after update graphic, black screen on my Intel Nuc DN2820FYKH, monitor acer G245HQ, but only on Windows 7 Works


      Best Intel,



      I have a problem of update:

      Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Intel NUC (Latest)


      When I install Windows 7 64bit on my DN2820FYKH and update this Graphics software just works normally and shows resolution to 1920 x 1080.

      But if I install Windows 8.1 64 bit graphics software update after I get black screen on my monitor screen. also restart does not work ...

      Also, Windows 10 I have given windows microsoft feedback, but no screen after update of graphics software from DN2820FYKH.

      I also installs latest chipset version. But I think the monitor is G245HQ driver problem. so hopefully that intel graphics software is an update or fix it. It is unfortunate that only Windows 7 64bit does work.

      Thanks You if reply.


      Cable: HDMI

      My screen model: G245HQ

      My computer hardware: DN2820FYKH

      SSD: Samsung 850 PRO 128GB ATA Device

      RAM: 4GB PC3L 12800 CL11 204 - pin SODIMM Model: KVR16LS11 / 4

      my latest bios update also:

      BIOS Version / Date Intel Corp. FYBYT10H.86A.0047.2014.1224.1147, 12/24/2014

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