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    Support of the ArduinoJson library


      The best JSON parser that I found is with ArduinoJson library  from bblanchon (Benoît Blanchon) · GitHub

      it is elegant implementation, small footprint and works great, except that for some (unknown to me) reason is not supported by the Arduino IDE  V1.5.3 Intel 1.0.4 the one used by Galileo and Arduino.

      I guess that is some problems related to the library.properties file included on the library, the IDE do not even see the library (do not show up on the list of libraries).

      If I erase that file, the IDE sees the library, however it gives you all kind of compile errors.

      It works great with Arduino IDE 1.5.6 R2 and 1.5.8 both on the Mac and on the Ubuntu server.

      Any ideas ???