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    HDMI audio drops out when receiver is turned off


      I saw a big thread about issues with HDMI audio but it doesn't seem to be the same as mine so I thought I would ask here.


      I have a WIn7 PC/HTPC using Intel HD Graphics 4600.  The PC goes to a Yamaha receiver via HDMI which in turn goes to an LG TV via HDMI.


      There has always been a mildly annoying issue where the audio drops out in between uses (never during.)  The audio device is usually LG TV (Intel Display Audio) and when it drops out that disappears entirely and the speaker icon in the tray has the red error icon on it (I disabled some unused optical device options.)  A reboot has always fixed the problem so I didn't worry too much, but tonight I tried to pinpoint the issue.  I didn't know the precise cause so I did some testing and determined that the audio drop out happens when the Yamaha receiver is turned off.  I can change receiver inputs or turn the TV off but once the receiver is switched off and back on again, the PC audio is gone.  The PC is rarely turned off but the TV and receiver get turned off every night.


      I updated the 4600 driver and it still happens, however I stumbled across an easier fix than a reboot.  I open the Intel Control Panel, select Display, then select Audio Settings from the drop down menu.  The only option is Audio Without Video, and changing this has no effect stopping the dropouts, however if I change the option from enabled to disabled or vice versa, then hit cancel, the red icon on the speaker in the tray suddenly disappears and my sound is restored.  This makes no sense to me and it's still annoying but at least I won't have to reboot anymore.


      Does anyone have any other solutions?  Usually for these issues I can find a solution on Google within minutes, but for this particular problem it seems quite difficult to locate a relevant answer anywhere, and I looked quite a bit.  Like I said, I saw threads with similar questions but none the same. e.g. some said switching the receiver on and off resolved it (in my case that's the cause.)  Am I right to assume it's a driver issue given that making unsaved changes in the Intel Control Panel reassesses it and reinstates the sound?


      Apologies if this is a known issue or if there are some relevant threads I couldn't find.  Any assistance would be appreciated.