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    no detect my button with Grove Starter Kit




      I have a intel edison arduino board with grove starter kit plus.




      I connect my button in D2 and i want to interact with the led in board (pin 13)

      My grove is powered in 5v and the green led (for powered) is on.


      My arduino code is :

      // demo of Grove - Starter V2.0
      // Loovee  2013-3-10
      // this demo will show you how to use Grove - Button to control a LED
      // when the button was pressed, the led will on
      // otherwise led off
      // Grove - Button connect to D3
      // Grove - LED connect to D7
      const int pinButton = 3;                        // pin of button define here
      const int pinLed    = 13;                        // pin of led define here
      void setup()
          pinMode(pinButton, INPUT);                  // set button INPUT
          pinMode(pinLed, OUTPUT);                    // set led OUTPUT
      void loop()
          if(digitalRead(pinButton))                     // when button is pressed
              digitalWrite(pinLed, HIGH);             // led on
              digitalWrite(pinLed, LOW);



      I ulpoaded this code but i push my button, the led (13) don't light.


      And i don't understand why.