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    USB Barcode scanner?


      I have a Phonegap/Cordova app that can read barcodes via a USB scan gun, call Firebase, and then send a command via USB Serial to an Arduino to turn on a green LED and unlock a turnstile if Firebase shows that the barcode is authorized, and turn on a red LED if it is not.


      What I would like to do is connect the scanner to an Edison via the USB host port. The firebase part of the code works fine on the Edison if I hardcode a barcode value, and I can see that the scanner is plugged in via lsusb. But I'm not sure how to add code in the IOT XDK to listen to the USB port. The code will work with readline and process.stdin on a mac. So I just need to know what to look at rather than stdin I think. Any help will be much appreciated.


      Thx, Mike