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    Problem on avr/sleep.h


      Dear all,


      I have purchased a Intel Galileo Gen2 and RedBear BLE shield v2.0. The IDE version I use is v1.5.3. I have imported the corresponding libraries needed by this BLE module without error. However, when I try to compile its example, there would be following error,


      In file included from SimpleChat.ino:25:0:
      /home/bohan/Arduino/libraries/RBL_nRF8001/RBL_nRF8001.h:22:23: fatal error: avr/sleep.h: No such file or directory
      compilation terminated.

      The reason is that their libraries need to include "avr/sleep.h". However, according to this doc,




      it seems that Intel's Galileo dose not support avr related source code. Am I right ? Is there any way  to make it work ?

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



      Thank you.