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    Ubuntu 14.04.1 Server doe not boot on DN2820FYKH




      According to Intel® NUC — Operating System Installation

      I always failed installing Ubuntu 14.04.1 Server via a USB disk!

      Via a USB DVD-ROM, I can successfully installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 Server on the DN2820FYKH NUC(BIOS 0047) without anything wrong,

      ,I also already set the boot priority for Ubuntu SSD the top 1, but Ubuntu Server can not boot after installation at all?!

      The screen always shows 3 lines:


      >>checking Media Presence......

      >>Media Present......

      >>Start PXE over IPv6.


      Any successful experience will be appreciated!
      Thank you!

      Note: the target is Ubuntu 14.04.1 Server, NOT desktop.

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          Hello David.Lee, I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced on your system.

          Intel does not test and validate Intel® NUC on Linux, however we know that a lot of NUC owners are using is successfully on many different Linux flavors.

          However, I would recommend you to format the USB disk and make it a bootable device. Then save the OS image again.


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            This is how I usually install Ubuntu:


            1) Download the current (in your case for 14.04) boot.img.gz for network install:




            2) Put it onto USB drive in windows using USB Writer (USBWriter | SourceForge.net) or in Linux/MacOSX just extract the gz and the resulting img just do:


            sudo dd if=./boot.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1M




            3) When done unplug the drive and put it into the device you wish to install it on.


            During partition phase I prefer to wipe everything and unless you want swap (with 16GB I doubt it) I would just do one / partition using ext4, 0% reserved space, options: noatime, discard


            Discard is for trimsupport of your ssd.


            The install will fetch whatever it needs over Internet. In the end of the install (it just installs a mini system) you can select additional packages such as openssh and other templates (or just manually use apt-get to install the packages you need for your server).

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              I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.1 Server on my D54250WYK, no issues at all.


              I created a bootable USB stick using UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads


              It runs on various platforms, but I already had a Ubuntu handy running as a virtual machine, so I made my USB stick there.


              Part of my motivation in building a NUC, even though I already use Linode.com instances for computations, was to have the joy of an actual desktop machine. I took one look at Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop, went "Huh. Why am I here?" and installed Server in the next partition. My SSH tunnels forward editing to a local Sublime Text editor on my Mac, and also forwards X for the few GUI apps I use. So my experience when I'm not tinkering is pretty much the same as it is with my Linode.com instances. Nevertheless, the NUC sure is fun, it weened me from builds that mess with foil IO shields, BIOS versions that thawed out of a glacier, cooler push-pins and so forth. I'm thinking of converting my old Mountain Mods builds into in-law apartments.

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                Thank you for reply!

                My problem is even the exactly same BIOS setting, SATA AHCI、UEFI mode(disable Legacy mode) and Windows 8.x, for Ubuntu 14.04.1 Desktop, there is no problem at all,

                but, for Server version, I can install it via a USB DVD-ROM rather than a USB stick, and cannot boot after a successful installation!

                I think that's probably because of the BIOS setting, can you let me know your BIOS setting for a successful Ubuntu Server?
                Thank you!

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                  When you say you cant boot it, can you get to grub and check the bootstring being used, also verify /etc/fstab?


                  Im thinking if you installed it from a USB DVD-ROM then perhaps something went wrong during installation so its now pointing to /dev/sdb (as your harddrive was named during installation) who no longer exists since your harddrive is really /dev/sda when you remove that USB DVD-ROM.

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                    No, just shows the messgaes


                    >>checking Media Presence......

                    >>Media Present......

                    >>Start PXE over IPv6.


                    and then a message like

                    Unable to find bootable disk...


                    After removing DVD, because of boot priority set in BIOS, I think it should boot up if the installed Ubuntu is bootable!

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                      In the end of the installation was the write of MBR successful?


                      I think I had some issues where the install tried to write to the wrong device so in the end (where GRUB is being handled) I had to remove my usb drive from the NUC and attempt again, then it succeeded and the next screen was that the box wants to reboot. Could this be the case in your case?


                      That is that GRUB was never written to your MBR so the drive isnt bootable?

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                        I updated to the latest BIOS 0033 immediately on purchase, as I had heard there were some unspecified issues with Ubuntu and early BIOS versions.


                        I've made various BIOS changes, but I started with the "restore defaults" choices, and I've regularly returned to these for testing. Perhaps you just need to update your BIOS?

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                          Hello David.Lee.

                          I installed Ubuntu 14.0.1 Server on DN2820FYKH,It running.

                          I do BIOS setting, "Legacy mode and Windows 7.x". After ,install from USB-DVDROM,It can boot.

                          Possibly, "Ubuntu 14.0.1 Server" had better in Legacy mode.