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    RS3DC080 with RES3TV360 issues


      Hi community,


      I bought an RS3DC080 and connected both ports to a RES3TV360 Expander with Windows Server 2012 R2 on a SuperMicro Board.


      Issue 1:

      In Intel RAID Web Console 2 it only shows that the disks are connected trough one connector port. How can i enable Dual Linking? In Expander documentation there is mentioned that it could be 8 in and 24 out Devices / Channels.


      Issue 2:

      After a reboot I get "Phy is bad on enclosure" errors on console. Raid is functioning normal. How can i disable this?


      Issue 3:

      In controller documentation there is stated, that only 16 Devices / Drives per enclosure are supported. Why there the expander can support 24 drives?


      Thanks for your help.


      Best regards