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    External ceramic antenna


      Hi all,


      Like you can see in the enclosed picture I plan to use my Edison into a metalic cas with a custom bottom (connectors, level shifters, etc) and top PCB (leds, nfc antenna).

      I finalized my prototype and I can see that wifi/blue communication are not the same, more perturabation, more connection lost, I think it's absolutely normal bacause the mebedded ceramic antenna in on the bottom of my cas with a metal wall around.


      Thereby, I'm thinking about addind a new ceramic antenna on my top PCB and connect it using the external antenna port of the Edison Module using a wire. My problem is to know which kind of antenna I can use (TI swra092b, etc.) and "what is" / "how to" with capacitors and resistor like implemented in the Edison module itself. I tried to find information about gain, vswr, etc but with no result.


      Can someone help me to find information about the emebedded antenna or maybe give me a way to relocate my antenna using a dielectric one ?


      Many thanks in advance,


      Best regards