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    Internet Bridge


      Does the Linux firmware on the Edison have the functionality to support internet bridge communications. If I plug in a micro USB Wifi cable or setup an Ethernet connection can I setup a bridge so that a device connecting to my Edison can get internet access from it while the Edison also is able to communicate with the internet and the connected device?

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          I have seen this functionality. So in principle it's possible. Although I am not sure whether it works out of the box using wpa_supplicant / hostapd.

          If you want to try using connman tether it doesn't work out of the box but require quite some modifications (don't have time to put details here).

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            I was looking at this for linux setup: https://wiki.debian.org/BridgeNetworkConnections#Setting_up_your_Bridge


            But you are recommending to use ConnMan? Other than the main website do you have a place to go for a nice tutorial?

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              Hi jblackston


              Do you have updates in this? Were you able to use connman?

              Are you looking for something like this: Intel Edison as a Wi-Fi hotspot using external USB to Ethernet adapter and WLAN? ?




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                Hello jblackston,


                We have successfully created an Internet bridge by using a USB Ethernet Adapter, and the bridge-utils package, then we enabled conman and created an Internet bridge using this guide: BridgeNetworkConnections - Debian Wiki.



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                  Thanks, I will give this a try and see how it works.


                  Might be an odd question, but do you know of any supported drivers that work with a USB WiFi module? I tried at one point to setup a secondary network adapter via USB WiFi or with a USB to Ethernet chip but I would have to compile the drivers, redo the kernel, ect... I just wanted to test this out so if there is a brand that's already supported by the Edison I would just prefer to go and pick up that specific item so it's basically plug and play for testing.


                  Also you guys really need to work on your network speeds on infrastructure mode. It's like almost uselessly slow. On all of my computers on the network I get pings of like 20 ms, but with the Edison in infrastructure mode I get almost 100ms or more... If I'm connected to the Edison via AP mode the pings are around 20ms, so why in Infrastructure mode is it so slow. It's not my network because I can get a ping from my wired desktop to my laptop (via wifi) in under 20ms.

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                    Peter, maybe you could write up the steps?

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                      To create a bridge between a USB Ethernet adapter and the build-in Wi-Fi adapter on Edison, we build the bridge-utils package. After installing the package on the Edison, enable and start connman to get an IP over DHCP. Once verified that a connection is established, enable Edison as a hotspot. Created a network interface (br0) where the Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces will be added using brctl (bridge-utils). The last part is to assign the IP and Mask to the br0 interface. The IP needs to be in the same network as the wlan0 interface. We are working on a creating a step-by-step guide, once it becomes available I will share it with the community.



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                        Hello. I'm curious if there are any updates available for the step-by-step guide. Is there anything I could do in the way of contributing to its creation?

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                          I'm not sure that is the right answer, but I have some solution how to connect Edison from internet. So with this solution is possible connect any device from internet or locall network and manipulate with Edison or other way Edison can manipulate this other device.



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                            Hi guys!


                            Selenium and romankubanek  I encourage you to create a post as a discussion with your processes, it will be really helpful for other makers in the community.


                            Kind Regards;


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                              I'll be able to look into it this week or next. Will share what I find.

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                                short update as promised. not a full solution, but a big step forward and may still prove to be useful to someone in the interim. still not bridging, but i can have wifi and usb0 on together, which is not possible with the "out-of-the-box" os configuration.


                                bridging will require bridge-utils, which do not appear to be in the alex_t repo at the moment.


                                environment notes:

                                i'm using OS X 10.9 and have configured it with HorNDIS and have shared my wifi connection. the usb network gadget is configured to be dhcp with manual address

                                the edison os image is ww05, week 120. alex_t's repo has been added and all software updated to latest revision


                                steps to reproduce

                                • connect the edison console port to laptop usb
                                • use "bloop c" to establish a serial connection to the edison
                                • login
                                • turn of all wifi for this example
                                  • "systemctl stop wpa_supplicant"
                                  • "systemctl stop hostapd"
                                • connect the edison otg port to laptop usb.
                                • establish a network connection over usb0
                                  • "udhcpc -i usb0 -p /var/run/udhcpc-usb0.pid -S"
                                • verify your ip address. also doubles as dns resolution verification
                                  • "curl -4 icanhazip.com"
                                • turn wifi back on
                                  • "systemctl start hostapd" or "systemctl start wpa_supplicant" depending on if you want ap mode or client mode, respectively


                                incidentally, this helped me recover one of my edisons this week when i horked the wifi driver. from the console i was able to establish a usb0 connection to the internet and do a "opkg install --force-reinstall kernel-module-bcm4334x" to get wifi back. /win


                                anyways, i hope this update is useful to someone. i'll keep chipping away and if bridge-utils needs to be built then i'll get it built and published for others to use.



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                                  i figured out how to get bridging to work and provided a set of step-by-step instructions


                                  USB Ethernet Bridging with WiFi AP

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