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    How to boot INTEL NUC DN2820FYKH without a monitor?


      I bought a DN2820FYKH for my home server without a monitor, unfortunately, I found it cannot boot without a HDMI monitor that's turns on,

      I read How to start DN2820FYKH without display

      I deeply cannot understand why a NUC needs to boot with a HDMI monitor?!

      I do hope you can release a new version of BIOS which can boot  without a HDMI monitor soon, is it possible and for how long?

      Thank you!

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          I dont think it need a monitor to boot.


          However if no monitor is connected/identified during boot the graphic will be disabled (which is a common thing) to save power.


          Now the problem comes when you run a GUI based OS such as windows, because according to windows there is now suddently no graphiccard to draw the GUI at so it will fail.


          Compared to lets say a Linuxserver who doesnt need any graphiccard to handle incoming SSH-connections.


          There are hdmi-plugs one can buy and connect to the output which will fake a monitor so the graphics driver will be happy and the OS will be happy to have a graphic card to draw its GUI onto (and suddently you can now login through RDP to your Windows box).

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            I can confirm that the DN2820FYKH can boot fine without a monitor.


            There have been issues with some BIOS versions; I am using BIOS 47, dated 24.12.2014.


            Operating system is now SparkyLinux with Openbox, Version 3.6, with EFI boot. Setting up EFI boot was on-trivial, but possible; I can post some hints if anyone is interested. Note however, that I had to tick the "Legacy Boot" box as well as the UEFI Boot box to get the NUC to boot without the monitor. However, I have verified that it is indeed booting in EFI mode.


            I had previously checked that headless boot was possible with Ubuntu Server 14.04, with the same BIOS. It was not possible when I had BIOS 40.

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