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    NUC D54250WYK Mini DisplayPort is not working with DVI port


      I want to connect my Samsung SyncMaster 226BW monitor with my D54250WYKH using the Mini DisplayPort. I have bought two different cable (mDP to DVI) but none of them is working with the NUC graphic.

      The monitor is not able to find any signal on the digital DVI port.

      The latest bios version is already installed and I also changed the primary video port from auto mode to Mini DisplayPort. But the monitor still can't the signal.

      As work around I have connected the monitor on VGA port using a mini HDMI to VGA adapter, but the analog signal is not satisfying.

      I am also wondering that the Intel graphics control panel on Windows 7 operating system does not show the option for a second display. Only one display is listed in the multiple display mode screen.

      I need to support to get the Mini DisplayPort working for my office monitor. I own a second NUC system (D54250WYK), which has the same problem. (But the second one is my multimedia system and is connected to my TV using HDMI. So for that one it is no problem for me.)


      I tried following cables:

      Cable Matters - Vergoldete Mini DisplayPort |: Amazon.de: Elektronik

      CSL - 2m Mini Displayport auf DVI Kabel | 1080p |: Amazon.de: Elektronik

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          I currently run a NUC D54250WYK using Ubuntu 14.10 with this Mini-Displayport to DVI cable to connect to an EIZO FlexScan S2231W successfully:


          DELTACO mini DisplayPort till DVI-D kabel, ha-ha, 2m, svart (DP-DVI202)


          Vendorpage: IT-tillbehör för hem, skola och kontor!


          In your case you should select DVI as input on your monitor and not Displayport.


          Also make sure that you dont have anything plugged in into the mini-HDMI port and your NUC should at least display the bios startup info on your mini-displayport (if thats connected).

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            Hi Apachez,


            thank you for your reply. Now I know that the cable should work, as you are using the same successfully.


            I have selected the DVI input on my monitor. (I can switch between the DVI-D and the analog VGA input on my SyncMaster 226BW. This is tested with my old PC.)

            Also I tested, when nothing was plugged in the the mini-HDMI port.

            The NUC also does not diplays the bios startup using the mini-displayport! From that I know it is not a windows driver problem. (Also OpenELEC is not working with the DVI input of my monitor.)

            Could it be that HD Graphics 5000 has a problem with the resolution on mini-HDMI port? The Samsung monitor is running with 1680 x 1050 resolution, when it is conected  with the VGA input via mini-HDMI. I have only this monitor and can not test if the monitor is not campatible with the NUC Graphic port.

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              I use the same resolution on my Eizo S2231W.


              Do you have another box to verify the DVI input of your monitor?


              Since NUC is fairly small boxes perhaps you could bring that to your office or to a friend and test its outputs there (I mean after all it could be a failed NUC or a failed cable)?