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    How to make a bootable Linux USB Stick with the DH87RL Mother Board, UEFI and MS Windows 8.1




      I'v got the following configuration


      Mother Board Model: DH87RL


      Board Version: AAG7420-403
      BIOS Version: RLH8710H.86A.327.2014.0924.1645


      Operating System: MS Windows 8.1 Pro


      For diagnostic purposes, I'm trying to make a bootable Linux USB Stick with YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer). But during startup (using UEFI) , my system doesn't recognise the USB stick as a bootable decive, although in UEFI I've put USB devices on top of the list of possible bootable devices.


      The only bootable USB stick that really works is a Windows 8.1 recovery stick, but I want to use some other sticks with Linux!



      Does anyone have a solution?