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    Im an oil man. I've nooooo idea about how to maximize my kit. Please help me.


      hey i want to make a raid 1/0 with 4x intel 760 240gb hard drives. I have an i7 5930k on a killer x99x chipset asrock MB. Thing is I have all this gear but no idea wat to do with it. I literally have built 4 computers in the last four months tring to get the best of all worlds. I keep crashing and losing everything tho! i need advice on how to configure my hardware/ software so. heres what i have. 1x intel 2011 socket i75930k, killer fatalitr asrock MB, 4xintel 760 series ssd's 3xOCZ vector ssd\s 1 x intel 335 series 240 ssd, 2x hyperx 240 gb ssd's, a samsung evo 250gb ssd, a samsung 240 pro ssd... **** i got heaps of others too! My vga's are 2x asus 970 4gb striz in SLI.  I have it all running on win 8.1 pro.

      If you think this is a stupid idea, then tell me what you think i should do with all this stuff...