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    following edison and iotkit-comm documentation




      The Problem:

      The issue is the following under the iotkit-comm tutorial it suggests to run a program, then open a new terminal and run a different program. I'm assuming both of these programs are supposed to be run at the same time; both on the edison. Since I am communicating to the Edison remotely using the screen command when I open a new terminal I am no longer under root@edison, I am under my local machine. I cannot run screen or tmux remotely on the edison because these don't seem to be natively installed, but I don't seem to be able to install them either. I also cannot run screen again to get into the edison with the other screen running at the same as this seems to screw with the serial communication.


      How do I simultaneously run sensor and thermostat on the edison remotely?


      Seemed like the solution should be obvious, but I looked through the yocto website and through poky documentation, and I just could not find the answer.


      Background to the problem:

      I have recently bought an edison and am following through various support documentation to understand how it functions and how to develop. The initial getting started instruction for flashing and uploaded the most recent version of yocto poky was complete, as well as setting up wifi using the 'configure_edison --setup' command. Then at the end of the Edison Getting Started Guide - Linux it suggests to start looking into the iotkit-comm library and provides a link to the c and node.js Tutorials: Main Page. So I am currently looking through the iotkit-com library tutorial and am stuck on the 'start here' tab under 'run a sample program'.

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          Hi TomWoehlke;


          About the issues that you are having with screen, which OS are you using? Have you tried with Putty, or the same issue appears?


          About the link that you posted, I haven't seen it, but there are a couple of tutorials for IOT that you should try first. Take a look at these website: IoT - Getting Started | Intel® Developer Zone . In order to use this you will need the image in this link IoT - Get Started with the Intel® IoT Dev Kit Beta | Intel® Developer Zone that is different of the one that you downloaded in Edison - Software Downloads




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            Hey CMAta,


            Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and thanks for those links I will be sure and look through them ASAP.


            Clarifying and Restating the Problem:

            Once remotely connected to an Edison through a terminal, is there a way to run multiple programs, through a method such as 'screen' or 'tmux'?


            An Initial Thought:


            At the bottom of step 5 of the Edison Getting Started Guide - Linux before it links to the iotkit-comm libraries, it says, "To learn how to develop Edison applications that discover, connect, and communicate with other Edison devices"; So the iotkit-comm tutorial (c version) could be assuming that I have two Edisons, and I am connecting to each remotely on a terminal, and running 'sensor' on one Edison, and 'thermostat' on the other.

            More Specifics:


            I am currently running Ubuntu 14.04. I have not yet tried to use Putty specifically with Edison but I have used it before, and do not think it will solve the problem. I also didn't specify the board I'm using; which is the Intel Edison Breakout Board and NOT the Intel Edison Arduino Board.


            I'm using my local machine to connect to my Edison remotely as is instructed in step 5 of the Edison Getting Started Guide - Linux (same link as before) by sjaworski on Aug 28, 2014.


            In my local machine (Ubuntu 140.04) I open up a terminal and use the command


            sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

            I then hit enter and am prompted with an Edison login, and type in "root", logging in the terminal begins with this line.




            From here I begin to follow the directions in the C version of the iotkit-comm library tutorial (also same as above). Once you click on "start here" in the middle of the page of the tutorial it says "Run a sample program" and tells you to change directories; so back in the terminal I change directories, and then run the sensor program:


            cd /usr/share/iotkit-comm/examples/c


            Screenshot from 2015-01-10 01:17:38.png

            Now here is where I run into issues with following the tutorial; I cannot just open a new terminal and screen back into the Edison from the local machine, and I cannot screen or use tmux remotely from the Edison. Is there a way to run multiple programs, through a method such as 'screen' or 'tmux'?


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              Hi TomWoehlke


              As I am understanding you, you want to use two sessions with your board. I just did it with Putty, one using the USB port and the another one with SSH and were able to run two different processes. For this you just has to configure the WiFi in your Edison Board and use the IP address of the board, you can see it typing ifconfig in the terminal console.




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                Thanks CMata_Intel,


                I didn't end up using Putty, I have somewhat of a linux mentor who encouraged me to connect to the edison the way you suggested using only terminal. So I ended up screening the terminal, and using ssh, then screening to USB


                ssh -l root (my edison ip)

                sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200