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    Intel SSD 530 dead? - hang on bios load


      So here's the deal, and I'll be quick. In October of 2014 I've bought an Intel SSD 530 series of 180 GB. My system configurations is like this:

      1 SSD - with main boot

      1 HDD - storage

      i5 CPU

      ASUS z-97K MB

      8GB RAM


      So my OS is on my SSD.


      One week ago I started having some issues with my SSD, in the fact that I was loading the OS, and after 1-2 min it would freeze, blue screen (I'm on Windows), and then it wouldn't be recognized in BIOS. I've search on the net for some possible reasons, and I've came across the "Missing SSD syndrome". I thought that might be the problem, and started to test out some of the proposed solutions, but none worked. Eventually I got to run (by mysterious ways I guess) the SSD again.

      Today I was browsing some files on my HDD when suddenly everything froze, and a BS prompted me. When I restarted the PC it would take around 2-5 minutes to even load the BIOS (it would hang on the press F2 or DEL to enter BIOS screen), and of course, the SSD is still missing.


      For the picky ones out there, I do

      - have the latest firmware on my SSD - it already came with the latest drivers

      - have the latest latest drivers and BIOS

      I've tried switching AHCI to SATA to RAID to AUTO from Bios.

      so stop asking for that.

      Remember that it worked perfectly for almost 3 months. (which is WOW for what reason? I don't know.)


      Also, I'm using this computer "rarely" (1 or 2 hours per day, when I get back from work, usually browsing the internet / watching movies, so it's not that stressed).


      SHOULD I CONSIDER THIS SSD AS BEING DEAD/BROKEN? I've already contacted my supplier for a full refund, since I'm very disappointed of this product.