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    Ethernet multiple client ports


      Hi guys,

      I am using the Intel Galileo gen 1 board.

      I am trying to open multiple EthernetClients in order to simulate more than one client on the Galileo for a project.

      I have tried to declare them as follows (which I know should not be working):


      EthernetClient client(90);

      EthernetClient client2(100);


      but when executing client.connect(<IP>, <PORT>) both of them fail to connect.


      When running the same code with only one client declared as:

      EthernetClient client;

      it connects well on both times.


      Also tried declaring:

      EthernetClient client;

      EthernetClient client2;


      But the Galileo crashed when trying to connect.


      Does anyone have a solution for my problem?